Custom Inital Pendants

I use silver clay to make 99.9% pure silver custom initials, sold with or without semi-precious charms. Each order is beautiflly packaged in a brown box with sealing wax. They make a beautiful gift for others or for yourself.

Prices are $40 per initial (maximum of 3), the semi-previous stone charms are $15 each. Prices shown are without chains - I resell chains at cost if you want to include them in the order.

Please contact me for further information and to order an initial pendant.

Enamelled Copper Jewellery

I make pins and pendants in copper, and finish them with powdered glass and pigment fired in a high temperature kiln. Every pendant has a different image and colour on the reverse side so you are getting two pendants for the price of one!

Prices for pins are $15 and pendants range from $25 - $45 depending on the cost of materials and the process/work involved.

Please contact me for images of available enamelled pieces.